STF Årsmøde 2022

Date: 17. June 2022

Location: Islandsvej 7, 9560, Hadsund, Mariagerfjord Renseanlæg, Denmark

STF Årsmøde 

STF Årsmøde is the annual meeting point between technical experts in the water and wastewater sector in Denmark. 

Cambi's mission is to improve the environment by transforming wastewater solids and organic wastes into valuable bioresources, through reliable solutions for municipal utilities. At STF’s 2022 meeting, Cambi will bring experience from the two thermal hydrolysis installations in Denmark and around the world, as well as facilities that use our technology to increase incineration capacity or co-digest food and other industrial biowastes.

We invite you to visit our team, and book a meeting with us by using the form on the right. 

Looking forward to seeing you there!