Sales agents

Cambi is looking for sales agents

Who is Cambi?  

Cambi is a world-leading provider of sustainable biosolids management solutions that enable municipalities and cities to manage sewage sludge from wastewater treatment plants. Our core expertise lies in designing, manufacturing, installing and operating our process installations, used mainly for treating wastewater solids before or after anaerobic digestion in wastewater treatment plants. Cambi’s solutions can save substantial amounts in upfront capital investment in brownfield expansions, digester renewal projects and greenfield projects. 

Cambi’s core technology is the thermal hydrolysis process (CambiTHP®). The process reduces greenhouse gas emissions, increases biogas production, and produces renewable energy, organic fertilisers, and various soil products while destroying pathogens and other harmful substances. 

The company headquarters are located in Norway. Our most active market has been the United Kingdom, where our manufacturing takes place, and we treat approximately 40% of the sewage sludge. Our diverse and highly competent organisation provides valuable services to clients, benefiting more than 100 million people in cities such as London, Beijing, Brussels, Sydney, Singapore, Seoul, Washington DC and several smaller and mid-size cities with populations upwards of about 100,000. As of 2021, we have more than 75 references in 24 countries 

Cambi is searching for local sales agents that can support our growth in selected markets.

Work tasks: 

  • Support the development of Cambi’s current sales pipeline in the market
  • Identify new leads, i.e. new potential projects for Cambi’s solutions in the market
  • Regular contact with the relevant stakeholders for all identified leads in the territory 
  • Prepare for and carry out sales meetings, alone or together with Cambi 
  • Handle technical enquiries and forward these to Cambi for replies 
  • Organise local seminars, webinars or other marketing events in the territory
  • Reports on the status of all sales opportunities/ marketing campaigns active at any time 


  • The sales agent can either be a freelance professional or a company from the water, wastewater, or similar industries. 
  • Preferred specialisation in Water, Wastewater, Sludge Management, Anaerobic Digestion
  • Experience with sales in the market within the municipal or water sector
  • Excellent English, communication, and presentation skills
  • Experience with digital working tools for sales and marketing and can learn new systems quickly
  • You are structured, thorough, and disciplined. You deliver quality work on time, work well in teams, and enjoy work in multicultural teams on international projects 

What we offer:

  • Attractive commission for signed contracts
  • Remuneration as an independent entity, with no rights or obligations related to Cambi’s contract and deliveries 
  • Professional onboarding and continuous support and training 
  • Regular contact with and support from our office in Norway and the sales team in your region 
  • Access to our relevant references throughout the world for site visits with potential clients 
  • Marketing assistance – materials, digital campaigns, and support with local marketing activities  
  • Papers and other materials documenting successful projects and satisfied clients 
  • List of potential projects of interest in the territory 

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