Cambi thermal hydrolysis for sewage sludge treatment


Duration: 01:00

Cambi thermal hydrolysis for sewage sludge treatment  

Cambi's thermal hydrolysis process is changing the way municipalities look at sludge and organic waste, evidenced by 76 wastewater treatment plants across the globe. In APAC, cities like Singapore, Brisbane, and Beijing chose thermal hydrolysis to slash costs, maximize biogas production, and reduce their carbon footprint.

Cambi’s installed base can treat solids for more than 109 million people, at sites from 100,000 population equivalent up to megacities such as Beijing, where our 5 systems serve more than 20,000,000 people.

Join us for an introduction to Cambi solutions for the wastewater sector, open for all stakeholders.

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Bill Barber - Technical Director, Phd

Dr Bill Barber is the Technical Director for Cambi Inc. in North America. In this role, he develops biosolids projects and assists with research. Prior to this, Bill worked for AECOM in North America and Australia providing consulting services for biosolids projects.

Bill is a reviewer for several peer-review journals and recently an author of IWA’s book on Sludge Thermal Hydrolysis - Application & Potential. Bill has a Ph.D. and degree in Biochemical Engineering from Imperial College, London, and is a Chartered Engineer.