Thermal hydrolysis performance in a large metropolis – case study of Beijing


Duration: 01:00

Thermal hydrolysis performance in a large metropolis – case study of Beijing  

Beijing Drainage Group made a strategic shift for sewage sludge treatment and disposal since 2014 after extensive international investigation of experience in sewage sludge treatment in Europe and America during 2010-2013 supported by ADB consulting project assigned by the Ministry of Housing and Urban and Suburban Development (MoHOURD) and carried out by AECOM.

The key solution was identified as CambiTHP advanced digestion as the core plus chamber filter press for dewatering and biogas for CHP and biosolids for landscape. The 5 projects treating around 1200 tDS/d sewage sludge from 4.5 million cubic meter WW from 20 million people have been installed with 18 THP lines which have been designed and installed in 2014-2016 and in operation since 2016.

The operational performance achieved was according to design and included a reduction in total biosolids cake amount, production of an enormous amount of biogas, full elimination of pathogens in final biosolids for proper landscape use, and total carbon reduction to contribute carbon goal.

The projects receive 2018 IWA Project Innovation Award -Gold Award for Category Exceptional Project Execution. And Delivery. THP specification has been recognized and included in the latest version of China national design code for sewage sludge treatment in 2020. 

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