Cambi awarded contract for Jurong WRP in Singapore

Asker, 29 April 2015

PUB, Singapore’s national water agency, will implement a CambiTHP™ system at the Jurong Water Reclamation Plant (WRP) following a competitive bidding process to expand its sludge treatment facility. Cambi is selected by the main contractor Yamato Technologies, to provide the thermal hydrolysis system to process waste activated sludge (WAS) from the Jurong WRP treating industrial and municipal wastewater.

The CambiTHP system will treat an initial flow of up to 53 metric tons of dry solids per day but can be expanded to meet the requirement of 70 metric tons a day. With the possibility of adding additional capacity in the future, the project demonstrates some of the core benefits of selecting the standardised, proven, and modular CambiTHP™ systems.

This CambiTHP™ system will be a cornerstone in the sludge treatment facility and will be implemented as part of the Jurong WRP Phase 4 Expansion project. The project also involves a 55,000 m3 per day expansion of the liquid treatment line of the Jurong WRP.

Cambi’s Chief Executive Officer Atila Mellilo welcomes PUB’s decision to implement a thermal hydrolysis system at Jurong: “PUB and Singapore are well recognized as being in the lead when it comes to implementing reliable and innovative solutions. Cambi is proud of taking part in this project, and we are committed to honouring the confidence that we have been given and to ensuring that Singapore remains a lighthouse for the region regarding innovation in wastewater treatment.”


Cambi is the leading provider of technologies for converting biodegradable material to renewable energy, bio-fertiliser resources, and biofuel, based on Cambi’s patented thermal hydrolysis process (CambiTHP™).

Media Contact: Norman Weisz, EVP Operations
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