Cambi awarded contract for St Marys Water Recycling Plant, Sydney, Australia

Asker, 14 April 2018

Sydney Water has awarded a contract to Cambi to install a CambiTHP B6-3 system at the St Marys Water Recycling Plant, following a competitive bidding process.

The Thermal Hydrolysis Process plant will treat sewage sludge from St Marys and the Quaker Hills Water Recycling Plants. It is part of the Lower South Creek Treatment Program and will be operational in the second half of 2019.

The CambiTHP system hydrolyses sewage sludge so that it becomes more easily digestible. The benefits of the Cambi process include increased production of biogas, reduced capital investments, production of pathogen-free Grade A biosolids, and significantly reduced truck movements.

Cambi’s Chief Executive Officer, Per Lillebø, welcomes Sydney Water’s decision to install a thermal hydrolysis system at St Marys: "Sydney Water is a leading water utility in Australia, and we take pride in the project. We will do our utmost to honour the confidence we have been shown and ensure that Sydney Water remains a lighthouse within biosolids treatment and handling."

St Marys is the largest inland Water Recycling Plant (WRP) operated by Sydney Water, treating a current average dry weather flow (ADWF) of 38.1 million litres/day (MLD). Quakers Hill WRP has located 10 km to the east of the St Marys plant and is a large inland treatment plant, currently treating approximately 33 MLD of sewage. The CambiTHP B6-3 system will process up to 46 metric ton dry solids a day and is part of Sydney Water’s commitment to greenhouse gas abatement.

“This plant will significantly reduce the truck movements to dispose of large quantities of solids and provide a more effective and efficient way to manage sludge,” said Mark Simister, Head of Delivery Management at Sydney Water. “THP will play an important role in transforming how Australian wastewater plants manage sludge more sustainably and cost-effectively,” said Mr Simister.

About Sydney Water

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About Cambi

Cambi is the world-leading provider of thermal hydrolysis technologies to convert biodegradable material to renewable energy and bio-fertiliser products.

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