Cambi awarded contract in Anyang, South Korea

Asker, 14 April 2015

Posco E&C, one of South Korea´s largest EPC Turnkey contractors, has awarded Cambi a contract for a Cambi B12 Thermal Hydrolysis Process plant (CambiTHP™) for the Anyang Sewage Treatment and co-digestion Project. The CambiTHP™ system will treat all the sludge from a new underground wastewater treatment plant serving 700,000 people in the municipality of Anyang, one of 15 satellite cities surrounding Seoul, the capital of South Korea.

The CambiTHP™ system is designed for a maximum capacity of 84 metric dry tons per day and will co-digest about 27,000 dry tons of organic waste per year, of which 65 per cent is sewage sludge and 35 food waste. The biogas produced from the co-digestion plant will be turned into renewable energy, such as green electricity and heat for the CambiTHP™ and digestion processes. After digestion, the remaining high dry solids dewatered product will be dried and blended with millet grass to produce renewable biomass fuel for co-firing in existing power plants. Due to the CambiTHP™ pre-treatment, the biosolids are also pathogen-free (Class-A) with low odour. It is, therefore, safe to handle by operators and can be land-applied as back-up to the co-firing solution.

The contract represents a breakthrough for Cambi in South Korea. Cambi is proud of taking part in a project that solves a sludge problem and utilises food waste as a source for producing renewable energy.

Mr Lim, Site Manager of POSCO E&C Anyang Bagdal, expresses that POSCO E&C expects a substantial sludge reduction and increased biogas production from the installation of CambiTHP™ technology. He strongly believes that the first THP project in Korea will be successfully executed through cooperation between Cambi and POSCO E&C.

Cambi’s chief executive officer Atila Mellilo welcomes POSCO’s decision: “This greenfield project represents a unique opportunity to demonstrate in South Korea the full range of benefits provided by the CambiTHP™ system. In addition to operational and environmental benefits, the fact that the plant is located underground allows the Municipality of Anyang to benefit from a small footprint and substantial savings in capital expenditures associated with the construction of digesters. Cambi is proud to be part of this project and is fully committed to its success."


POSCO E&C is a total solution provider that stands head and shoulders above the competition, not only in steel plant construction but across all construction sectors based on the technologies and expertise acquired to construct its globally competitive Pohang and Gwangyang steelworks.

Cambi is the leading provider of technologies for converting biodegradable material to renewable energy, bio-fertilizer resources, and biofuel, based on Cambi’s patented thermal hydrolysis process (CambiTHP™).

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