Cambi awarded contracts in Beijing

Asker, 28 May 2015

Beijing Drainage Construction Company Ltd has awarded Cambi three new major contracts for the Cambi Thermal Hydrolysis Process (CambiTHP). These follow contracts for Beijing’s two largest wastewater treatment plants, Gaobeidian and Xiaohongmen.

The new contracts are for three Cambi Thermal Hydrolysis Plants built at the Qinghe II and the Huaifang Water Reclamation Plants and as a new greenfield sludge centre at Gaontun. All plants will be owned and operated by the Beijing Drainage Group.

When all these five sludge plants are operating, approximately 1,200 metric tons of dry solids a day will be treated by CambiTHP™ in Beijing, serving 20 million people.

The three new projects are for sludge treatment centres. Qinghe II, Wastewater Reclamation Plant, is located in the North and Northeast areas of Beijing. The Qinghe II treatment centre will have a capacity of 163 metric tons of dry solids a day. The Huaifang WRP will import sludge from several plants nearby and cover part of Beijing's South and Southwest areas. The Huaifang WRP will have a capacity of 244 metric tons of dry solids a day. The Gaoantun sludge treatment centre will be the largest Cambi plant built to date, with a capacity of 367 metric tons of dry solids a day. The majority of the sludge to be processed at Gaoantun will be imported from four other plants nearby in Beijing's East and Northeast areas.

Cambi’s Chief Executive Officer Atila Mellilo states that the CambiTHP™ technology will help Beijing and China on their way to achieving a highly efficient and robust sludge treatment with huge environmental and economic benefits.

By using CambiTHP™ advanced digestion, the plants will achieve sludge stabilization with optimal organic degradation and biogas production. The massive sludge volume reduction cuts sludge handling costs significantly. The final product, which is Class-A fertilizer for direct land application, gives safe and efficient recycling of bio-resources back to land.

Shi Lei, General Manager, Beijing Drainage Construction Company Ltd, expresses: “Over the past years, we reviewed many competing technologies and found Cambi’s to be most technologically advanced, most economical, and more importantly, the most ecological solution for sludge management.”

Beijing Drainage Construction Company Ltd is the leading provider of process turnkey solutions, design, and engineering services for wastewater treatment plants in China.

Cambi is the leading provider of technologies for converting biodegradable material to renewable energy and valuable bio-fertilizer resources, based on its patented thermal hydrolysis process (CambiTHP™).

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