Cambi is awarded contract in Crawley

Asker, 23 August 2013

In July 2013, Cambi signed a contract for the “Thames Water Crawley STW Enhanced Digestion (Thermal Hydrolysis) Plant Project” from GBMjv, a joint venture between Galliford Try Infrastructure, MWH Treatment and Mott McDonald.

This entails delivering a B6-3 Cambi thermal hydrolysis unit (CambiTHP) to be ready and tested by the end of February 2014. The B6-3 is one of a new generation of Cambi plants built with modular construction for easy and quick erection on site. It will operate in front of the two existing 1944 m3 digesters to increase capacity to 31 dry tonnes of sludge per day. This will enable Thames Water to import sludge from other nearby plants and produce more than 1 MW of electrical energy from the biogas made in the upgraded digesters. In addition, the final digested dewatered product will be a low volume odour reduced product that is ideal for local agriculture.


Cambi is the leading provider of technologies for conversion of biodegradable material to renewable energy, bio-fertilizer resources and biofuel, this being based on Cambi’s patented thermal hydrolysis process (CambiTHP™).

Media Contact: Norman Weisz, EVP Operations
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