Cambi won the SPIR award 2015

Asker, 8 May 2015

Cambi was on 29 April 2015 announced as the winner of the SPIR Award 2015 at the annual Conference of Renewables (Fornybarkonferansen). Cambi receives the award as a result of its patented technology for Thermal Hydrolysis (CambiTHP).

The benefits for the environment and for addressing climate change represent the main focus of the SPIR Award. Cambi’s installations on plants around the world have the total capacity to serve more than 50 million people and produce 580 million m3 of biogas every year. This equals a potential for producing 1400 GWh of renewable, green electricity. The total greenhouse gas emission reductions correspond to around one million metric tons of CO2. Through product innovation and increased market penetration, Cambi continuously contributes to the further reduction of CO2 emissions.

Cambi’s core technology is used for the pre-treatment of sludge. CambiTHP is a proven technology on a broad range of wastewater treatment plants. CambiTHP is designed as a “plug-and-play” solution that makes the process easy to integrate into new and existing anaerobic digestion plants.

Compared to conventional anaerobic digestion, CambiTHP™ has a small footprint and other benefits that reduce initial investment and operational costs. It increases biogas production by between 30% and 100% while cutting the volume of materials to be disposed of in half. In addition, CambiTHP™ includes 100% pathogen destruction, resulting in a Class-A bio-fertilizer. All steam is recycled, making the process highly energy efficient.

The world’s largest Cambi plant is in its commissioning stage in Washington, D.C. That CambiTHP installation has the capacity to serve 4 million people and is prepared to produce 13 MW of green electricity from the biogas. On an annual basis, the plant will also produce 200 000 metric tons of Class A biofertiliser. The customer, DC Water, has calculated that the effects of the CambiTHP installation reduce 50-70 000 metric tons in CO2 emissions each year. In addition, the annual operating costs are reduced by $20 million compared to the lime treatment of the past.

By installing CambiTHP, DC Water could reduce the volume of digester tanks by more than 100 000 m3, giving an investment saving of more than $100 million compared to a traditional biogas plant.

Norman Weisz, Cambi’s Executive VP of Operations, pronounces: “It is a great honour to receive the SPIR Award on behalf of Cambi and its employees. The achievements of Cambi reflect many years of determined teamwork within the company. We are committed to our values and goals, and we are passionate about the outcome of the process, such as renewable energy and safe fertilizer. The SPIR Award is a motivation and inspiration for all of Cambi’s 120 employees.”


The SPIR Award focuses on climate technology and renewable energy. The award is presented by PwC, The Norwegian Bank (DNB), Bergen Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Norwegian Climate Foundation. For more information on the SPIR Award, please visit

Cambi is the leading provider of technologies for converting biodegradable material to renewable energy, bio-fertilizer resources, and biofuel; this is based on Cambi’s patented thermal hydrolysis process (CambiTHP).

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