Signing of cooperation agreement for Cambi THP in Beijing

Asker, 1 September 2014

The strategic cooperation between the Beijing Drainage Group, Beijing Drainage Construction Company, and the Cambi Group represents a major and innovative step to bring Chinese sludge treatment into the 21st century. The CambiTHP™ represents the leading sludge treatment technology that offers huge environmental and economic benefits. The cooperation is an example for other large wastewater treatment plants in world cities.

The initial Beijing project, Gaobeidian, is a flagship for large-scale sludge projects with low carbon footprint technology. BDG and BDC are exemplifying the direction to meet China’s five goals for sewage sludge treatment: increased biogas production, sludge volume reduction, pathogen kill for safe land application, energy recovery, and recycling of resources.

The Gaobeidian wastewater treatment plant will be fitted with the CambiTHP™ solution and operate within 2016. BDG is planning to build another four large-scale sludge projects in the period 2016-2017. When all these five sludge plants are operating, all the sewage sludge in Beijing could potentially be treated by the CambiTHP™ solution, and Beijing Drainage Group becomes the single largest company using advanced anaerobic digestion in the world.

The general manager of Beijing Drainage Construction Company, Mr. Lei Shi, comments: “Cambi has proven itself to have the best THP solution and technology. Our partnership is truly a historic moment for China and will provide the country with an environmentally friendly solution to the treatment of sludge.”

Cambi’s chief executive officer Per Lillebø celebrated this benchmark by applauding BDC and BDG for choosing the 21st century leading technology and doing what is right for Beijing and China, in terms of technological solution, cost efficiency and environmental sustainability: “We are proud to sign this partnership for the future and are committed to making the Gaobeidian project a successful example for the rest of China and the world.”
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