CambiTHP at Vigo Lagares plant

Vigo - Lagares

Country: Spain

Client: Acuaes

Solution: CambiTHP - B6


Vigo is a new WWTP in northwest Spain. The new plant is the largest bio-filtration in Spain and one of the largest in Europe. Designed for 800.000 inhabitants – equivalents. This plant treats sludge from several municipalities in and around Vigo.

Cambi has installed his thermal hydrolysis – one B6 – 3 model, with a designed capacity to treat more that 22000 tons of dry solids per year. Contract with Cambi was signed in May 2013 with the Joint Venture GS INIMA – ISOLUX , winner of public tender launched by ACUAES – public authority . The plant has been financed by the region of Galicia, funds from European Union and the city of Vigo.

Cambi THP was commissioned in 2015.

With Cambi’s technology:

  • Digestion volume needs has been reduced to an a half ( 2 x 5760 m³ only).
  • Biogas production has been increased in 30% using biogas engines ( 2 x 800 kWe) to produce renewable electricity,
  • Final volume of the sludge produced has been reduced (-42%) with a perfect application to agriculture of the region as fertiliser, because it is free of pathogens ( Class A according EPA 503).

This has been the first contract of Cambi in Spain
Partial view of Cambi THP  B6-3 model installed ( in-door)  in Vigo.
The two digesters : 2 x 5760 m3
Composite & conventional steam boiler in Vigo WWTP
Biogas engines 2 x 800 kWe

A map snippet for the location of the current plant.