COP26 is over. What next for the water sector?

One thing is clear from Glasgow and the past 25 COP gatherings: World politicians are slow to commit to action that mitigates climate change effectively and even slower in developing and implementing effective policies to this effect. Decisive action is needed to stay within the carbon budget by slashing emissions fast, and the water sector can contribute. Read this short opinion piece from Dragos Talvescu, Marketing Director in Cambi.

15 November 2021

An introduction to wastewater treatment

Learn about the basics of municipal wastewater, also known as sewage and its conventional treatment steps, as well as its value for society and the environment.

30 August 2021

An introduction to sewage sludge and sludge treatment

Learn about the basics of sewage sludge and sludge treatment, its primary steps, actors, and significance for public health and the environment.

15 August 2021