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Anaerobic Digestion for Sewage Sludge Management

Sludge treatment facilities have been using the process of anaerobic digestion for over a century to treat, reduce, and make use of sewage sludge. Below is a primer on anaerobic digestion and its products and benefits, an overview of the process and types of digesters, as well as an introduction to its relevance in the wastewater and sludge industry.

15 April 2022

A leap to advanced sewage treatment for India

OPINION | A 2021 Supreme Court ruling upholding strict water discharge standards is likely to change the game for sewage treatment in India. Beyond wastewater pollutant limits, the country stands to benefit if sludge and biosolids management are made part of the agenda.

30 July 2021

Class A biosolids and the future of biosolids management

An increasing number of governments around the world are enacting stricter regulations on the production and use of biosolids from wastewater, coinciding with growing support in some markets for high-quality, Class A biosolids. This blog article looks closer at the nutrient-rich material and its classification basis according to the US EPA 503 Biosolids Rule, differences between Class A and Class B biosolids, and the predilection for land recycling or application of biosolids in countries with specific drivers.

15 July 2021