CambiTHP - Hengelo, Netherlands


Country: Netherlands

Client: Waterschap Vechtstromen

Solution: CambiTHP - B6


Water Authority Vechtstromen (WAV) is responsible for the management of surface water and wastewater for approximately 800,000 people in the central-eastern part of the Netherlands. WAV decided to centralise all sludge treatment in one modern facility in Hengelo, allowing the shutdown of ageing or less efficient facilities.

Cambi installed the thermal hydrolysis process combined with pre-dewatering and steam production to treat the waste activated sludge from the Hengelo and Enschede wastewater treatment plants. The key benefits of installing the Cambi unit are a considerable increase in the capacity of existing egg-shaped digesters, enhanced green electricity production from biogas, and a low volume of final dewatered biosolids. After commissioning, Cambi provided further services to optimise the operations and performance of the plant. 

A map snippet of the plant location