Cambi HP - Birmingham Minworth UK

Birmingham - Minworth

Country: United Kingdom

Client: Seven Trent

Solution: CambiTHP - B6

Birmingham - Minworth

Severn Trent owns and operates Minworth Sewage Treatment Works (STW), a site that aims to be one of the most sustainable and energy-efficient in the UK. It is Severn Trent's biggest sewage plant, treating wastewater from more than 1.6 million homes and businesses.  

Minworth commissioned Cambi's thermal hydrolysis process system in 2018 with the aim of increasing renewable energy production. The plant intended to become a source of sustainable energy for internal processes and the community.   

Minworth also takes an innovative approach towards nutrient recovery from sludge. Biosolids resulting from sludge treatment are pathogen-free, low-odour, and can be used as Class A biosolids fertiliser for application in agricultural land.  

Across the company we currently generate around 34% of all of the energy we use as a business, and the thermal hydrolysis process will move us closer to our target of making that 50% by 2020.
A map snippet of the plant location

CambiTHP - B6

CambiTHP B6

B6 thermal hydrolysis model
Thermal hydrolysis before anaerobic digestion

THP before anaerobic digestion

Thermal hydrolysis before anaerobic digestion
CambiTHP - Basingstoke UK 1


Cambi thermal hydrolysis plant in Basingstoke, in operation since 2018. Operated by Thames Water.
CambiTHP - Chertsey plant, UK


Cambi's first thermal hydrolysis plant in England, delivered to Thames Water, in operation since 1999.
CambiTHP - Seafield plant, Ireland

Edinburgh - Seafield

Cambi thermal hydrolysis plant in Scotland, delivered to Scottish Water, in operation (by Veolia) since 2002.
CambiTHP - Davyhulme plant, UK

Manchester - Davyhulme

Cambi thermal hydrolysis plant in England, delivered to United Utilities, in operation since 2013. Functions as sludge centre for the Manchester area.
CambiTHP - Middlesbrough Bran Sands 1

Middlesborough - Bran Sands

Cambi thermal hydrolysis plant in Middlesborough, UK in operation since 2008. Operated by Northumbrian Water.