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Disposal services

The solution offered by Cambi does not end with Class A cake.

Together with our subsidiary Grønn Vekst, Cambi offers complete biosolids management solutions. We are ready to take on responsibility for disposal of the final cake to land, produce soil and fertilizer products. Grønn Vekst has its main business in Norway and, through partnerships, in Vietnam.

Our colleagues in Grønn Vekst can confirm the benefits of THP treatment for the sludge cake product. The cake is stable, easy to handle and odour free. It can also be blended with other fractions into fertile and safe soil products. For references, reach out to Grønn Vekst directly.


Grønn Vekst

Grønn Vekst is a fully owned subsidiary of Cambi, dedicated to finding optimal solutions for the recovery and proper treatment of final cake and other leftovers. With operational experience since 2000, our Grønn Vekst colleagues are driven by expertise, passion and care. Each day, they are triggered by curiosity that leads to finding, testing and applying innovative ways to reuse our leftovers in a safe manner. Their ambition is to recycle as much as possible and recover what is left, whilst reducing environmental harm.

Through a combination of expertise in agriculture, hard work and years of conducting series of tests, they have managed to create a wide range of products. These are currently produced responsively under the Grønn Vekst and Minorga Vekst brand. Grønn Vekst ensures farmers that their crop receives the most pure and nutritious foundation, guaranteeing a healthy crop and, ultimately, high-quality food products for consumers.