Biogas production

CambiTHP® disintegrates cell structure and organic materials and dissolves biological sludge into an easily digestible feed for anaerobic digestion. This maximizes sludge and food-waste biodegradability and therefore yields more biogas in much shorter retention time than with conventional digestion.
By choosing CambiTHP Thermal Hydrolysis you enhance biogas production by up to 50%:

  • 50-80% of the organic matter (Volatile Solids - VS) in sludge or food waste converted to biogas
  • High quality biogas, rich in methane, low in H2S
  • The biogas can be utilised in a gas engine with generator producing green electricity
  • Alternatively, it is cleaned and stripped of CO2 and used to substitute natural gas to grid or directly for vehicles as renewable fuel.

Steam for thermal hydrolysis is produced in a cogeneration waste-heat boiler using exhaust gas and cooling water from the gas engine. Alternatively, biogas or other fuel sources can be used:

  • Net increase in biogas/electricity with low internal energy consumption
  • Thermal energy use for TH is comparable to 70°C pasteurization, while achieving full sterilization of the feed material. 


The engine’s waste-heat is used to supply heat for the boiler that drives the THP process, so it’s very energy efficient…. HIAS WWTP, Hamar, Norway