Low footprint, higher digester capacity

Cambi’s Thermal Hydrolysis Process (CambiTHP®) is the proven pre-treatment of sludge & food waste for dramatically improving performance, stability, loading and pasteurisation in anaerobic digestion projects around the world.

CambiTHP® increases digester loading and reduces retention time, by:

  • Treating the organic material at high temperature and pressure, followed by rapid decompression, both reducing sludge viscosity. This allows sludge feed concentration of up to 12% dry solids (DS), twice that of conventional AD, using same pumps and mixers.
  • Pre-treated material is easily digestible, needing less than 12 days retention time in the anaerobic digesters, versus typically >18 days in conventional AD systems.

 This results in:

  • Increased digester capacity by 2-3 times; VS loading rates up to 7 kg/m³/day
  • Reduced digester construction cost, as well as saving valuable space
  • Increased capacity of existing digesters, avoiding new digesters, or allowing import of sludge or biowaste

CambiTHP® plants consist of standardized, compact and modular design allowing small plant footprint, fast installation and quick access to spare parts. The Cambi plant footprint is much smaller than the digester space saved.

The Dublin THP digestion plant can produce 3.5m³/day of biogas per m³ of digester capacity, which is 350% of the normal situation.


 RingsendSTP, Dublin, Ireland