Low maintenance and easy to operate

Cambi plants are robust and routinely run 24/7 all year around. CambiTHP® plants are designed for maximized availability and automatic operation, based on >20 years of improvements.

What make the CambiTHP® plants robust and easy to operate?

  • All rotating equipment subject for continuous operation or sequential on/off operation is equipped with sparing capacity.
  • a highly efficient odour handling system with 100% redundancy;
  • gives maximum and stable production of biogas energy. When using the biogas for combined heat and electric power, the thermal energy generated during this process to meets most or all of the pre-digestion Process steam heating demand.
  • All equipment is built for easy access and easy maintenance.
  • High quality design to last >20 years, under normal operational conditions and protection against impurities in feed, sand and dust.
  • All equipment includig bearings, seals, pumps, wear parts, etc. have been carefully selected and developed with suppliers for high quality and long life-spans.
  • Estimated downtime per year is only 2 weeks. Of this, one stop of 7 days (typical) will be for annual service and pressure vessel inspection, and 7 days (estimate, spread over the year) for day-to-day services, maintenance and repairs.
  • Cambi offers remote access support and advice, minimizing operational problems
  • All plants are using standard industrial control system equipment, available world-wide



The plant has run for 20 years and there is a wealth of experience in the operational aspects of the THP plant...The system runs automatically with low operator intervention, has a stable digestion system and excellent dewatering in an odour free and pleasant location.

HIAS WWTP, Hamar, Norway