Smaller quantity of end product for disposal

Cambi THP improves both digestion and dewaterability after digestion with up to 45% DS (Dry Solids). The mass reduction is significant, by 40% - 70%. This leads to less material handling and transport, and less water evaporation for sludge drying. Two factors give less biosolids after digestion and dewatering:

  • By converting more sludge mass to biogas, there is less material left to dewater.
  • By dissolving naturally occurring cell polymers (exopolymeric substances - EPS), a form of protein, dewatering is improved by releasing water bound in EPS (EPS binds 4–5 g water / g EPS).



The dry solids content of the sludge increased from an average of 20% to 31%, within the first full year of Cambi THP operations. Cake production decreased to less than half. No load change occurred in the wastewater treatment plant within the same period ”.