Aktor awards contract to Cambi


10th June 2014

In the second quarter of 2014 Aktor awarded Cambi a contract for the installation of one line of Cambi’s modular Thermal Hydrolysis (CambiTHP™) B6 system at Psyttalia Island Wastewater Treatment Works, Athens, Greece. The system is capable of treating about 50 dry tonnes of biological sludge per day, almost one half of the total biological sludge produced.

Aktor has been awarded with a 5-year Operation & Maintenance Contract for Psyttalia Wastewater Treatment Plant, and was looking to significantly reduce the energy footprint of the Treatment Works and based their final choice for the Cambi pre-treatment (thermal hydrolysis and steam explosion) system on multiple considerations, including:

  • CambiTHP™ of biological sludge will drastically improve the dewatering efficiency and reduce the energy need for the existing drying plants;
  • CambiTHP™ will increase the gas production from biological sludge.

Overall it will result in a strong reduction of energy consumption and reduced disposal costs.
Cambi is the leading provider of technologies for conversion of biodegradable material to renewable energy, bio-fertilizer resources, and biofuel, this being based on Cambi’s patented thermal hydrolysis process (CambiTHP™).

Media Contact: Norman Weisz, EVP Operations
Email: norman.weisz@cambi.com, Phone: +47 90474194