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Sustainable biosolids management in a circular economy


Duration: 01h30

Thermal hydrolysis case studies from leading utilities: interactive webinar 

This webinar, hosted by IWA in collaboration with Cambi, focuses on sustainable biosolids management practices for a circular economy. During a 90-minute interactive session, our panel of specialists will share their knowledge on advanced anaerobic digestion with thermal hydrolysis pre-treatment. You will have the opportunity to engage with:

  • Bill Barber, IWA Specialist and Technical Director at Cambi, who will provide a short introduction to thermal hydrolysis
  • Christopher Peot, Director of Resource Recovery at DC Water, who will introduce us to Bloom Soil, sharing his experience with the use of biosolids as fertiliser in the US
  • Ester Rus, Principal Engineer at Jacobs, who will illustrate how thermal hydrolysis facilitates a centralised approach to biosolids management, with a case study from the UK

The session will be moderated by Dr Richard Tsang, IWA Global Specialist on Sludge Management and Senior Vice President at CDM Smith.

The webinar is free and open for everyone. Feel free to prepare by accessing the reading materials below.

Find out more on the IWA event page. Upon registration, you can submit questions to the panelists in advance.

We look forward to engaging with you soon.


Reading materials

Where does thermal hydrolysis fit

Where does thermal hydrolysis fit?

Thermal hydrolysis is integrated in wastewater treatment plants
Thermal hydrolysis process

How does thermal hydrolysis work?

Short description of how the thermal hydrolysis process works
Thermal hydrolysis before anaerobic digestion

THP before anaerobic digestion

Thermal hydrolysis before anaerobic digestion
CambiTHP - Washington DC Blue Plains, US

Washington DC - Blue Plains

Cambi thermal hydrolysis plant in Washington DC, delivered to DC Water, in operation since 2014.
Crossness STW Google Earth 1.JPG

London - Crossness

Cambi thermal hydrolysis plant in England, delivered to Thames Water, in operation since 2014. Expanded in 2017.
CambiTHP - London Beckton

London - Beckton

Cambi thermal hydrolysis plant in London, UK in operation since 2014. Operated by Thames Water.

Thermal hydrolysis for sewage treatment: A critical review

anaerobic digestion; dewatering; rheology; sewage treatment; thermal hydrolysis

Thermal hydrolysis reduces WWTP carbon footprint and operating costs

biosolids treatment; carbon footprint; anaerobic digestion; thermal hydrolysis

Thermal hydrolysis and rapid anaerobic digestion reduce sludge production

anaerobic digestion; minimisation; sanitisation; sludge; thermal hydrolysis