Sludge centre opportunities


Duration: 1 hour

Introduction to sludge centre opportunities

Utilities worldwide are looking for sustainable solutions to manage sludge. For smaller urban areas, having a centralised sludge treatment plant is a smart solution to deal with sludge incoming from different locations. This is also a way to capitalise on resources and technologies. 

In this webinar we will give focus on:

  • Cambi's experience in sludge centre projects
  • Thermal hydrolysis configuration in a sludge centre 
  • Advantages of becoming a sludge processing centre with thermal hydrolysis

Join us for an introduction on Cambi's solutions for sludge centres.

We would be happy to organise on-demand webinars, in different languages, for wastewater utilities and waste management companieswater and waste engineering consultantswater and land use regulators, or civil engineers with projects in the wastewater and biowaste sectors.