The Green Potential of Sludge


Duration: 01:00

The Green Potential of Sludge

European Green Week 2021 will be dedicated to the EU's "zero pollution ambition." The event will be an opportunity to engage with stakeholders and interested citizens with ideas and technologies to make the ambition for a healthier planet and people a reality. The entire event is a precursor to the formal adoption of this ambition under the European Green Deal.

Cambi will be part of this initiative and will hold a Partner Event on Thursday, June 3rd. The online event will explain how sewage sludge, a well-known source of pollution, can be turned into a source of revenue, green energy, and safe, organic fertilizer.

The perception of sewage sludge is pivoting around the world, with a growing number of governments, utilities, and private companies learning how to recover renewable energy, nutrients, and other organic resources from the material.

In this event, you will get a unique insight into the world of sewage sludge, a by-product of wastewater treatment. We will discuss the potential benefits of the material and its treatment through disruptive technologies such as thermal hydrolysis.

Follow the link to register for our event.