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Working in Cambi

Cambi has always punched above its weight and continues to have ambitious plans for the future. Thermal hydrolysis, the technology we invented and have been perfecting for almost three decades, is finally coming of age. More and more cities become cleaner, safer and more sustainable by choosing Cambi to maximize the recycling of energy and nutrients from their sludge. Nearly 2% of the world's urban population is serviced by a Cambi plant and the potential for growth is immense.

To achieve this potential, we invest in our global community of employees and partners. We are a medium-sized company, with offices in 10 countries and people from at least 30. Working for us is a unique experience. We know a lot about sustainable sludge management and have a long track record of projects delivered on time and on budget. In Cambi, there's always something cooking - a new solution to client needs, a well-delivered service, a new market. Ingenuity, patience and a teamwork approach to challenges always helps us get ahead.

What makes your heart sing? If you feel you align with our values, thrive in a culture of excellence and have a skill set we just can't have enough of, please send an Open Application or express interest for our Corporate Graduate Programme. We routinely post job vacancies on this page and on LinkedIn.


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