Health & safety policy

The executive team of the Cambi Group recognises the importance of occupational health, safety, and welfare to the successful operation of the company’s activities. This statement is a declaration of the executive team’s intent to establish a safe and healthy working environment for all Cambi employees and others who may be affected by its business undertakings.

The executive team acknowledges its responsibility for ensuring that Cambi complies with relevant health and safety legislation and other regulatory requirements applicable to its business activities and work locations.

The executive team are responsible for implementing and maintaining this policy. They shall ensure that health and safety matters are deemed of equal importance with production and the achievement of commercial targets.

The executive team shall ensure that the company operates so that the highest standards of health and safety are achieved and maintained at all times. This includes implementing suitable and effective control measures aimed at the prevention of accidents, injuries and occupational ill-health.

The executive team is committed to a continual improvement in health and safety performance by establishing and implementing appropriate health and safety goals.

Managers shall ensure that no individuals are exposed to harm because of our activities so far as is reasonably practicable.

Managers will consult with employees on Health, Safety and Welfare and will ensure that appropriate instruction, information, and training are provided to enable them to carry out their work safely.

All employees are expected to acquaint themselves with the company’s systems of health and safety, such that:

  • They shall co-operate and assist in implementing this policy and will act conscientiously at all times.
  • They are aware of their individual responsibility to work safely and report unsafe acts or unsafe conditions to line managers.
  • They cease work until such situations have been investigated and rectified where necessary.
  • Their work activities are carried out with proper regard to the relevant statutory provisions and appropriate standards or other specific requirements.

The executive team will communicate this policy to all individuals working for or on behalf of the company to ensure that they are aware of their personal contribution. All employees will be provided with the appropriate resources, equipment, information, instruction, and training to fulfil this policy's requirements.

This policy will be monitored and reviewed by top management to ensure that it remains relevant and accurately reflects the health and safety objectives and targets of the Cambi Group.