Trusted thermal hydrolysis solutions from Cambi - multimedia bank

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Short selection of thermal hydrolysis videos and animations

Watch these videos and animations explaining the THP process and how it all looks in practice at our reference plants in the UK and the USA. The production of some of these materials was directed by the clients on their own initiative, demonstrating their enthusiasm for Cambi's solutions.

THP installation at the site

Time-lapse video by the contractor, MWH, showing how a train of Cambi's thermal hydrolysis B6 system is installed within only 4 days at TRA's Central Regional Wastewater System near Dallas, TX.

THP plant guided tour

In this 16-minute video, the Hampton Roads Sanitation District takes you on a virtual guided tour of the thermal hydrolysis plant at their Atlantic facility near Virginia Beach, VA. Tip: The THP process is shown from 06:30 to 08:45.

The THP process explained

Davy Ringoot, Cambi's Sales Director for EMENA markets, explains the basics for each step of the thermal hydrolysis process: pre-heating, batch sterilisation under pressure, then steam disintegration.


Positive community impact

The municipality of Raleigh explains to its citizens how upgrading the Neuse River facility with thermal hydrolysis makes the city more sustainable: halved volume of high-quality biosolids and fuel for 50 biogas buses.

Praise for biosolids quality

Bloom Soil is DC Water's branded biosolids product resulting from thermal hydrolysis at the Blue Plains facility in Washington, DC. This video praises the ecological and economic value of Cambi biosolids.

The Cambi sludge line

3D animation at scale, illustrating Cambi's standard design for a sludge treatment line with thermal hydrolysis pre-treatment before anaerobic digestion, for a small facility serving up to 250,000 people.


Webinar recordings

If you have more time, you can listen below to two recordings of recent webinars organised by the Cambi Academy, an introduction to thermal hydrolysis and an explanation of how the technology reduces the carbon footprint of wastewater treatment and biosolids management.

Introduction to Cambi thermal hydrolysis

The carbon footprint of thermal hydrolysis