Cambi About Us

About Cambi


Our Mission:
Providing thermal hydrolysis solutions for a sustainable future

Cambi is the global leading provider of thermal hydrolysis, advanced anaerobic digestion and biogas solutions for sewage sludge and organic waste management. We deliver technologies that are efficient, low-maintenance and easy to operate, and support clients in achieving ambitious sustainability goals. With customer needs at the heart of everything we do, our services reduce risk and maximize profits, by ensuring optimal operations and sustainable disposal options for the final biosolids product.

Our Vision:
Transforming the world by providing trusted waste treatment technologies

Cambi is transforming the market for sustainable sludge management and advanced anaerobic digestion. We play a significant role in the global transition to sustainable, smart and safe cities. We will continue to be at the forefront of green technology development, bring to market economically sound and reliable solutions, and address the global challenges of the water-food-energy nexus.

Our Core Philosophy:
Customer focus, quality and integrity

Sustainable value creation for our customers is at the heart of everything we do. Cambi only pursues projects with a clear business and environmental case. We strive to make all our plants operate smoothly and achieve their maximum potential through intelligent integration and by sharing our long expertise with process optimisation.

Cambi is committed to providing a high degree of quality in every solution, product and service. All our products are tested, reliable and robust, with long lifetime. Our management system is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified.

In conducting business in most countries of the world, we always follow the latest international and local rules, regulations and business practices. We act with integrity, do not tolerate corruption and commit to implement a practical and effective anti-corruption program throughout the organisation.

In all settings, we strive to be:

We are passionate about advanced anaerobic digestion, and strive to inspire people to make the world more sustainable. We seek and provide constructive feedback, grounded in mutual respect for individual expertise, values and beliefs. We pay attention, learn new skills, and take preemptive action against potential problems.


We respond to market changes with agility and reply to enquiries quickly, frankly and directly. We treasure diversity and approach every conversation with an open mind, with focus on finding optimal solutions.


Team oriented
One company, one team. Teamwork defines all interaction with colleagues and customers, making cooperation effective and productive. We build strong relationships through honest collaboration.


We emphasize ingenuity and creativity in all problem solving. By anticipating customer needs and meeting demanding expectations, we identify and explore new opportunities, get better and improve our competitive position.


We act with integrity, never compromising the truth. We take responsibility for our performance in all decisions and actions. We communicate openly and fairly with all stakeholders and our actions are consistent with our words.


A proactive and responsive Cambi team is always ready to find the best solutions for your needs.

A proactive and responsive Cambi team is always ready to find the best solutions for your needs.

Teamwork defines all interactions with colleagues and customers.

Teamwork defines all interactions with colleagues and customers.