Cambi offers a range of high quality services in order to serve potential clients in the process of buying a Cambi THP. In addition, Cambi continues to care for it’s existing customers, through supporting their THP operations. Cambi’s service offering is based on making operations of a THP as simple as driving a car, while at the same time maximizing the return on investment. The scope of our services is not limited to the THP, as often the full potential can be unlocked only by considering the auxiliary systems as well. When in doubt about our services offering, don’t hesitate to contact us and we can discuss what Cambi can do for you.

Our services are categorized in 4 groups as following and based on development phase of the projects Define, Build, Operate, Improve:

  • Business Case Analysis
  • Implementation
  • Operation
  • Improvement

Sample Testing

Cambi offers prospective customers a wide range of laboratory tests, to assess the business case for investing in thermal hydrolysis.

Front End Engineering Studies

Cambi offers consulting services, such as input to waste and/ or sludge management master plans.

Engineering Design

Cambi provides concept, basic and detail design for thermal hydrolysis plants, including plant integration at site.


Installation of a Cambi plant is often included in the main contract delivery.


Plant commissioning is usually included in the main contract for Cambi THP plant installation, modernisation, expansion or upgrade.
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Digester Ramp-Up

Optimal results from advanced digestion are conditional on suitable ramp up and operation of the anerobic digesters.

Training Solution

Cambi provides a wide range of training packages on the theory and practice of thermal hydrolysis.
Site services

Site Services

Cambi is always ready to assist our clients on site. Together with you!

Remote Support

Our clients can choose several types of remote assistance, for smooth operations of their CambiTHP assets.
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Spare Parts

Cambi offers a stock of genuine spare parts from our workshop in the UK to support clients in maintaining a high availability of their THP.


Cambi can help plant operators improve the performance of their systems.

Upgrades and Expansions

Cambi offers a range of upgrade and modifications to further improve the benefit of the client’s THP.

THP as a Service

Read more about our offer for Thermal Hydrolysis as a full sludge line management service on our Projects page.