Cambi remote support

Remote Support

Helpdesk: technical support via telephone

Cambi is currently serving several clients with Helpdesk services and supporting them with advice and immediate operational problem-solving. Many operational upsets and challenges can be solved through simultaneous telephone support and remote connection. Such support has proven to be a powerful way of enabling Cambi qualified personnel to obtain an understanding of the situation on site, and hence to be an efficient way of assisting the Client’s operators in solving operational problems.

The client will have a dedicated phone number and an email address to be used by plant operators in case remote helpdesk support is needed. This is not limited to work hours, we also provide our clients support outside work hours, as well as during weekend and holidays.

Remote Monitoring:

Remote Monitoring Service includes periodic process and operational monitoring and advice through a remote connection to the THP control system by qualified personnel dedicated for this task. Every week (The frequency can be discussed) a Cambi process engineer will evaluate the THP plant operational performance and suggest improvements when possible.

The focus of Remote Monitoring Service is mainly to monitor and assess:

  • Plant Availability, identify downtime and reasons behind it
  • Energy Efficiency, steam consumption, pulper mixing
  • Operational Stability, recurring alarms and upsets,
  • Other specific parameter/KPIs based on clients request or project need

The Cambi personnel will see the exact same HMI screen as the Clients process operators, and they will make an assessment of the operational parameters, trends and operation in general since last review. In case something suboptimal is identified, the Cambi personnel will notify the Client, with the aim to contribute to an optimum operation of the THP plant.

Cambi will share the findings and observations from remote monitoring activity through a summary report. These reports are found to be very useful later on for process analysis and form a good basis for decision making for further optimisation of the plant.