To realise our vision, Cambi stands firm on a foundation of transparency, honesty, fairness, and compliance with the law. For ethical principles to shape and guide our business culture and guarantee our sustainability and success, this stance must be clearly understood by all our employees and business partners.

We have made our commitments and principles transparent in the following policies on the environment, quality, and health and safety. Also provided is our Code of Conduct, which outlines the rules and responsibilities that safeguard Cambi against offences related to unlawful behaviour. A whistleblower channel is made available for anonymous reporting to an external party.

Cambi will guarantee the dissemination and comprehension of these policies in all business relations and update these policies as necessary.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct defines Cambi's position, processes, responsibilities, and consequences regarding unethical, dishonest, or unjust behaviour.

Human rights

Cambi is committed to ensuring fundamental human rights and decent working conditions throughout our entire value chain

Whistleblower channel

Use this channel to report suspicions of unprofessional conduct or breaches of Cambi's Code of Conduct, governing documents, or laws and regulations.

Health and safety policy

Cambi complies with relevant health and safety legislation and other regulatory requirements applicable to its business activities and work locations.

Equality, diversity and inclusion policy

Cambi is committed to the fair and equal treatment of all employees, to workforce dignity, diversity, and to a culture of inclusion.

Environmental policy

Cambi shall ensure that the highest environmental standards are achieved and maintained at all times for its activities, products, and services.

Quality policy

Cambi’s commitment to quality is a promise of reliability and value, the bedrock of our growth and success as a company.

Annual statement

Cambi's annual statement on sustainability, social responsibility, transparency, and modern slavery for 2023 is available here for download.

Public grants for market development

To view our financial reports, visit our investor page.

Norad project grants

Cambi has one finished project and three ongoing contracts with the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad) involving preliminary market studies and market development activities related to the realisation of private-public projects for thermal hydrolysis in three emerging markets: India, South Africa, and Colombia.

The projects include activities up to the development of technical and commercial proposals for potential clients in the form of PPP (private-public partnership), DBO (design-build-operate), or BOOT (build, own, operate, transfer) solutions.

In line with the transparency guidelines set out in these agreements, the contract documents in Norwegian are available through the links below.

Norad PPP project development India

This project is a full feasibility study grant for Cambi's thermal hydrolysis process at a selected sewage treatment plant in India.

Norad PPP project development Colombia

This project aims to identify sewage treatment plants with a business case for thermal hydrolysis in Columbia and potential partners for PPPs.

Norad PPP project development South Africa

This project aims to demonstrate the business case for a thermal hydrolysis project in South Africa through a private-public partnership.