Quality policy

Cambi’s commitment to quality is a promise of reliability and value. Standing with sustainability, quality is the bedrock of our growth and success as a company, crucial to our way of working.

As a company operating in an industry that values process efficiency and equipment durability, we steer our work towards increasing quality through the continuous innovation of our products and systems.

As a company that services a highly diverse and international base, we work together to offer quality in every step of our clients’ journeys, proactively providing solutions and offering agile customer support.

As a company that deals with public and private clients and long-term municipal strategies, we uphold quality in all our agreements, only choosing contracts with a solid business case for our customers and interacting with integrity and accountability.  

Our dedication to customer focus, trustworthiness, and excellence in product development and project implementation is reflected in our management system. All Cambi employees are expected to abide by our values and this system.

We guarantee the continual improvement of our management system by planning relevant objectives, implementing effective processes, and conducting thorough monitoring and evaluation. We will provide the leadership and resources needed to ensure that we satisfy all applicable requirements.