Environmental policy

Cambi’s overall mission is to provide solutions that transform wastewater solids and organic wastes into valuable bioresources for municipalities and industries. Our core offering, the thermal hydrolysis process, is used in tandem with anaerobic digestion to retrieve greater amounts of biogas, reduce waste and its associated costs, and allow the option to use biosolids as fertiliser and further the circular approach to sludge management. Thermal hydrolysis is also the sludge treatment solution with the lowest carbon footprint for medium and large wastewater treatment plants.

The environment is, therefore, intrinsically linked to our business framework and success. Beyond this, we are driven to help cities thrive in harmony with nature because we believe it is key to a liveable future. Apart from the positive environmental effects of our solutions for clients, our devotion to environmental sustainability is deeply reflected in the way we work.

Cambi is aware of the effect its business operations can have on the environment and shall ensure that the highest environmental standards are achieved and maintained at all times for its activities, products, and services. The management team will ensure that Cambi complies with relevant environmental legislation and other applicable regulatory requirements. They are committed to making continual improvements to our environmental management system by establishing and reviewing meaningful objectives and targets. Cambi is committed to protecting the environment and preventing pollution by:

  • Continuing the development of low carbon technologies for sludge and organics recycling
  • Minimising waste and maximising the opportunity for reuse and recycling
  • Optimising travel and the use of energy, water and materials

The management team is responsible for implementing and maintaining this policy. They will communicate it to all individuals and companies working for or on behalf of Cambi to ensure that they know potential requirements and their personal impact. All employees will be provided with the resources, information, and training to fulfil this policy.