Human rights

Cambi strongly believes in upholding fundamental human rights and ensuring decent working conditions throughout our value chain. We follow the principles of Åpenhetsloven (the Norwegian Transparency Act) and the UK Modern Slavery Act to ensure that all suppliers and business partners understand and comply with the law and our expectations regarding modern slavery, human trafficking, decent working conditions and fundamental human rights.

To this aim, in 2022, Cambi completed the identification and risk assessment of all its tier-1 suppliers and business partners, specifically addressing human rights and decent working conditions. All new suppliers, third-party representatives and business partners are subjected to integrity due diligence (IDD) and an evaluation process including specific disclosure forms and questionnaires. Existing business partners will be re-evaluated against the same criteria. All employees receive regular training and the transparency processes are embedded in Cambi's Code of Conduct, policies, and procedures. 

In 2023, human rights considerations will be gradually embedded into all business processes and activities. We plan role-specific training for supply chain, site and commissioning personnel and regular assessments to identify and address any risks and potential negative impacts within our supply chain.

The Transparency Act and Modern Slavery Statement Statement for 2022 is available for download on this page.

For more information on our policies and practices concerning human rights and decent working conditions, please contact us at Use the same email address or the whistleblower channel to report any matters.


Transparency Act and Modern Slavery