Spare Parts

Cambi offers a stock of genuine spare parts from all equipment provided as part of the Cambi scope, including but not limited to our UK workshop, to support clients in maintaining a high availability of their THP. Cambi recommends all clients to keep a list of critical parts in stock such as typical wear and tear parts (blowdown valves and nozzles), consumables (gaskets, bolts and nuts), and safety instruments and equipment (spare PRVs for each vessel).

Following is typical list of spare parts Cambi recommends to have in stock:

  • Cambi EZstrip pumps and pump spare parts
  • Knife gate valves and repair kits
  • Ball valves and repair kits
  • Rupture discs and PSV's
  • Spiral wound graphite gaskets
  • Pulper and reactor steam lances
  • Flash tank blowdown lances
  • Instruments
  • Pneumatic components
  • Annual Shutdown spare part kit