PLUS - Process Live Update and Support

Sludge management just got smarter 

Cambi aims for high process performance and smooth operations at all delivered plants. This is why we developed PLUS, an online platform for sludge line and thermal hydrolysis process monitoring, analysis and support.

User-friendly insight and access to support

PLUS provides an instant overview of process health and performance, based on measured, calculated and estimated data. Quick and easy access to historical data through user-friendly dashboards invites to closer examination of key process parameters.

At any time, PLUS users can reach out to Cambi specialists with specific issues for advice and support. Advanced notification rules highlight any issues that might require operator attention, creating peace of mind. Cambi can also provide proactive advice, based on our long experience and learning from the entire fleet of monitored plants.

Get more out of your sludge line

All this insight facilitates more timely and focused maintenance interventions. In this way, PLUS maximises plant uptime while reducing the time spent on THP operation. With better throughput management, biogas production increases, while the use of polymer and utilities can be optimised. In short, better "value for money" operations and a more stable process, reducing safety risks.

If you own, manage or operate a Cambi plant, PLUS may be valuable for you. We are flexible in the choice of solutions for secure connections and data sharing. To schedule a demonstration and discuss how to connect your plant to PLUS, send us an e-mail at or reach out directly to your Cambi contact person.