Digester Ramp-Up

Cambi provide services to support its clients moving from a conventional digester to a Cambi digester. The ramp-up period includes: assessment of traditional digester, THP ramp-up, transition step, adaptation step, and optimization for full load operation. Depending on the project and the site-specific conditions, the overall period may take between 6 to 12 months. Cambi experts are available helping the client throughout this period providing the operators with both peace of mind as well as insight to the new plant configuration.

Cambi has developed extensive experience from several reference projects converting conventional digster into Cambi digester so that the tank is prepared to take the hydrolyzed sludge as input. An overview of the values Cambi create for its clients under digester ramp-up services is given below:

  • Assist and Supervise, or alternatively Develop and Plan the ramp-up of the THP and the Digester to avoid any upset in the system.
  • Optimize the resources to reach maximum biogas production
  • Available and flexible technical expertise until a successful handover of the plant
  • Provide solution and recommendations in case of unpredicted situation
  • Provide training and refreshing the personnel knowledge for the operation of Cambi digester
  • Facilitate access to the state-of-the-art of knowledge, research hubs and publications