Cambi site services

Site Services

Cambi offers a wide range of site services mainly categorized as following:

  • Support and Assistance during planned maintenance stops/Annual Shutdown
  • Periodic site visits: plant visits by a Cambi expert, focusing on process optimisation or maintenance
  • Site management services

In addition above standard site services, Cambi provides troubleshooting, ad-hoc problem solving as well as complete operational and maintenance packages.

Below is given an overall description and scope of each services and scope.

Planned Annual Shutdown Supervision

Cambi recommend taking the THP plant out of service for Revision Stop once every year in order to carry out an Annual Revision Stop. Cambi offers customers annual shutdown service of the THP and surrounding systems, by providing experienced supervisors.

Typical activities performed under Planned Annual Shutdown comprise the following:

  • Establish customer needs before annual shutdown.
  • Planning of activity in cooperation with customer, agree on the task-list and
  • Supervise the work and coordinate activities
  • Inspect all known wear parts, visually and with use of NDT measurements.
  • Annual cleaning of nozzles and the interior of the vessels, if required
  • Inspection of the lances and nozzles inside the vessels
  • Replacement of wear parts, if required
  • After inspection instruct customer in cleaning requirement and need.
  • Identifying critical challenges in the system, and assist to mitigate this.
  • Reporting status after inspections and refurbishment.  


Site visit focused on maintenance

A site visits can serve many purposes, for example: to help customer to establish a well-functioning preventive maintenance program or to evaluate the condition of the process equipment.


Scope of the site visits may include (but not limited to):

  • Train customers operating and maintenance team on preventive maintenance.
  • Assist customer on pump inspection.
  • Test conditions on valves, and pipe lines for deposit and built up
  • Thorough report following the visit including actions and advice on replacement parts and photographic documentation


Site management services

Cambi is normally performing site supervision on projects, but we also provide full site management services. Our engineers are trained in multiple disciplines and with great overview capacities for an entire site project.

Scope of the site management service may include

  • Full responsibility from start to completion of a site project.
  • Establishing site office.
  • Hiring resources in need
  • Coordinate HSQ work for the project.
  • Detailed project planning and coordinating finance with project manager.