Cambi training solutions

Training Solution

Cambi offers a range of specialist, technical training solutions for the THP plants. The courses are designed to cover both the theoretical and practical aspects of the THP to help plant operators/engineers to understand the basics of the THP technology as well as to obtain full ability to operate and maintain the THP plant.

Typical scope of the standard Class Room Course (duration 1 day) held in conjunction with commissioning and start-up of the plant is as following:

-        Intro and General Safety

-        Topic 1:  Thermal Hydrolysis Process (THP) Theory and Function

-        Topic 2:  Equipment Components

-        Topic 3:  Operation and Control Introduction

-        Topic 4:  O&M Documentation

-        Topic 5:  Pressure Vessel Maintenance

-        Topic 6:  Safety Hazards and Precautions

-        Topic 7:  Guided Walkthrough

As an add-on to the standard training course, Cambi offers a separate extended Practical On-The-Job is a Cambi training solution with a typical duration of 4 weeks. This is a practical course is given by a supervision of Cambi experts, typically experienced maintenance or commissioning engineers.

The overall scope of Practical On-The-Job training comprise the following:

- Practical operation: Startup, Shutdown and Adjustment of the plant

- Daily preventive maintenance: check and maintenance routines

- SCADA detailed operation: Setting, fine tuning of the process,

- Practical use of documentation: for detailed troubleshooting

- Maintenance system: Familiarize with the preventive routines and checks