Upgrades and Expansions

Due to the modular design, Cambi plants can easily be expanded with new reactors and/or trains to meet increasing processing plants. Cambi offers a range of upgrades, modifications to further improve the benefit of the THP plants in operation. Upgrades and modification projects maybe performed following to optimization studies or engineering studies by Cambi specialists in close collaboration with client personnel.

Typical upgrade and expansion services may comprise the following:

  • Upgrade to state-of-the-art THP technology and control system for increased energy efficiency and/or capacity, for instance upgrade to Mark-II or Mark-III versions of THP to enable use of larger reactor volumes
  • Conversion from biosolid to bio-waste (co-digestion) plant
  • Implement design improvement for the older plants to enable processing of higher sludge viscosities and achieve a better heat recovery (improved pulper mixing)
  • Increased digester cooling capacity
  • Addition of Process Gas Units
  • Addition of new reactors or new trains to ensure reserve capacity for the plant, integration of the new reactors to the existing plant with focus on energy efficiency optimization, and modifications to be made on exiting trains such as pipework an isolation valves etc