Commissioning is typically a standard part of the EPC contract for new THP plants (also as part of plant upgrade contracts), where Cambi site engineers take part in execution and supervision of plant commissioning phase. To ensure the system functions well and all parts and components interact perfectly, Cambi provides highly skilled cross- disciplinary team, usually consisting of automation, mechanical and process experts. Our engineers are part of a bigger team, working closely together to share knowledge and continuously strengthen our understanding of the complex interdependencies of the Cambi THP system.

Typical scope of activities within commissioning phase is as follows:

  • Sole responsible at site for all Cambi supplied systems
  • Coordinate all activities between hardware supplier, software suppliers as well as engineers and electric/wiring providers.
  • Keep customer updated on progress and challenges.
  • Coordinate I/O testing.
  • Set up of all instruments and function testing.
  • Establish interfacing signals with customer and function test this.
  • SAT testing and documentation.
  • Water test run.