Cambi enters New Zealand with a large contract in Wellington

Asker, Norway, 24 July 2023, 08:01 CET

Cambi has been awarded a contract for two thermal hydrolysis process (THP) systems to be integrated into the Moa Point wastewater treatment plant in Wellington, New Zealand, as part of the new Sludge Minimisation Facility (SMF).

The project will revolutionise the way the city manages its wastewater solids. THP will more than halve the required anaerobic digester volume, increase green electricity production from biogas, and improve dewatering sufficiently to reduce the size and energy requirement of the thermal drying facility by more than 40%.

The Wellington City Council is committed to investing in innovative and sustainable solutions for water and wastewater treatment. Apart from the significantly improved energy balance, thermal hydrolysis will open safe avenues for reuse to improve soil health or produce energy, reducing the volume taken to the landfill by 80%. The new facility will reduce carbon emissions from solids treatment and processing by more than 60%.

“Cambi is thrilled to enable the Wellington City Council to meet the target of halving climate emissions by 2030 on the way to net zero. We look forward to fruitful cooperation and the first thermal hydrolysis plant in the land of the long white cloud”, said Eirik Fadnes, Cambi CEO.

The Moa Point wastewater treatment plant services Wellington’s more than 200,000 residents before discharge in the Cook Strait. The sludge minimisation project is an essential step to improve the local environment and reduce carbon emissions. The project is Cambi’s southern- and easternmost yet.

HEB Construction and McConnell Dowell is the awarded contractor and will execute the SMF project, with the thermal hydrolysis scheduled for operation by 2026.

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Eirik Fadnes, CEO, +47 907 20 014,

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About Cambi:

Cambi is a global biogas technology and solutions supplier for wastewater treatment plants and anaerobic digestion facilities. Since 1992, Cambi has retained market leadership through continuous innovation and a robust portfolio of proven and patented technologies. With strong project delivery and customer support capabilities, the company has projects in 27 countries and well-performing installations on six continents.

Cambi’s thermal hydrolysis process increases renewable energy output, reduces operational costs, and minimises greenhouse gas emissions. It is suitable for all biosolids outlets, including land application and thermal processes such as drying, pyrolysis, and incineration. Thermal hydrolysis is compatible with all solids and waste treatment regulations and easy to integrate at new and existing anaerobic digestion sites.

Cambi is listed on Euronext Growth Oslo, a multilateral trading facility in Euronext, Europe’s largest stock exchange platform. Find out more at



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