Cambi will deliver a fourth thermal hydrolysis plant in Poland

Asker, 13 May 2021, 20:27 CET

Cambi has signed a contract to supply a thermal hydrolysis plant for Jarocin Waterworks in Cielcza, Poland. The facility treats the wastewater from the city of Jarocin and its surrounding areas.

The project entails building a modern sludge line with Cambi’s thermal hydrolysis installed before anaerobic digestion. The sludge line is the main component in a larger project that includes a phosphorus retrieval system and an expansion of the local sewage and water supply networks.

Jarocin Waterworks intends to get approval to use the nutrient-rich biosolids resulting from the thermal hydrolysis process as crop fertiliser on nearby agricultural land. 

“We are pleased to contribute to this project with our proven method for wastewater solids treatment, and look forward to working together with our project partners to deliver the well-known benefits of THP to Jarocin’s residents and the local environment”, said Eirik Fadnes, CEO Cambi Group.

The project will be delivered by the consortium of AB Industry and Krevox European Environmental Centre. Krevox will be Cambi’s contractual partner for delivery of a B2 system and a boiler.

Cambi has two thermal hydrolysis plants in operation in Poland, in Bydgoszcz and Tarnów, and recently signed a contract for a third plant in Warsaw. Jarocin will be Cambi’s fourth thermal hydrolysis plant in the country.

The Jarocin thermal hydrolysis plant is scheduled for commissioning in 2022.


For more information, please contact:
Eirik Fadnes, CEO Cambi Group, +47 907 20 014


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