Change in strategic direction for Design-Build-Operate and proposed shareholder dividend

Asker, 13 September 2023, 18:25 CEST

Change in strategic direction for Design-Build-Operate (DBO)

Cambi, a global leader in wastewater sludge treatment solutions, makes a strategic prioritisation that emphasises its core strengths as a technology solutions provider and positions the company for sustainable growth.

Cambi still believes the global private financing trend will be attractive and that the company would be in a strong position to own and operate plants. However, the company has decided to reduce its efforts to actively seek plant ownership. As part of this change, the DBO Project subsegment will no longer be a strategic priority.

The Board sees clear growth trends in the industry that Cambi can harness to its advantage by being neutral in public tenders. These trends include urbanisation, circular economy, tightening regulations, and the global push for net-zero aligningnig with Cambi's technology offerings.

Utilities worldwide are committing to achieving net-zero emissions, necessitating a technological transformation that Cambi is well-equipped to lead. To maximise these opportunities, Cambi will remain neutral in public tenders, avoiding exclusive partnerships in DBO projects that limit its reach.

The change in strategic direction does not prevent Cambi from entering into DBO projects in the future. The company will always seek to engage in activities that result in the most adaptation of its technology offering worldwide.

Proposed shareholder dividend

As part of the private placement, it was communicated to the market that the added capital was intended to be used to invest in DBO projects in the pipeline and in the international expansion of Grønn Vekst. Cambi has subsequently made one acquisition and had significant organic growth. The organic growth has largely been financed through operations.

Cambi currently has no plans for major investments in DBO projects that are not financed through operations. In this situation, the Board sees that the company has significant surplus liquidity. Against this background, the Board proposes a dividend payment of NOK 0.60 per share.

The proposed dividend is subject to approval by an Extraordinary General Meeting.

Cambi remains committed to investing in both organic and inorganic growth opportunities, extending its technology leadership positions, and producing significant value for its shareholders.

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Mats Tristan Tjemsland, CFO, +47 920 67 094,
Eirik Fadnes, CEO, +47 907 20 014,


About Cambi

Cambi is a global biogas technology and solutions supplier for wastewater treatment plants and anaerobic digestion facilities. Since 1992, Cambi has retained market leadership through continuous innovation and a robust portfolio of proven and patented technologies. With strong project delivery and customer support capabilities, the company has delivered many well-performing installations in 27 countries on Cambi'stinents.

Cambi’s thermal hydrolysis process increases renewable energy output, reduces operational costs, and minimises greenhouse gas emissions. It is suitable for all biosolids outlets, including land application and thermal processes such as drying, pyrolysis, and incineration. Thermal hydrolysis is compatible with all sludge and waste treatment regulations and easy to integrate at new and existing anaerobic digestion sites.

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