Water Technology Company of the Year

Water Technology Company of the Year

For the company which has made the most significant contribution to the field of water technology in 2013.

What is it?

A venture capital-backed Norwegian supplier of thermal hydrolysis systems to treat biosolids and biowaste prior to anaerobic digestion.

What has it done?

Cambi enjoys unrivalled domination of the market for large-scale municipal installations featuring thermal hydrolysis technology for sludge treatment. Its continuous product innovation means that it has successfully maintained a competitive edge over its rivals.

What makes it special?

Cambi’s patented energy-efficient thermal hydrolysis process (THP) is the leading technology in the space, boosting biogas yields from municipal wastewater treatment plants by adding a pre-treatment step prior to sludge digestion. As well as increasing biogas generation potential and freeing up digester capacity, THP increases the dewaterability of the sludge, resulting in lower sludge volumes.
Rising landfill costs and increasingly stringent regulations affecting everything from odour control to greenhouse gas emissions mean that municipal wastewater treatment plant managers are under more pressure than ever to optimise processes and save costs. Cambi’s thermal hydrolysis technique dramatically transforms the economics of running a WWTP, with the added benefit of an odour-free, fully disinfected end product which is suitable for use as a fertiliser.
2013 saw Cambi take its technology to the international market as never before. It completed work on its flagship reference project at the Blue Plains wastewater treatment plant in Washington, D.C., while picking up inaugural contracts in Sweden and Spain. Its heavy investment in cuttingedge technology means the company is one of the unsung heroes of the sludge treatment business.