A Whole-Community Biosolids Management Based on Advanced Digestion

Liao, Z., Barber, B., Panter, K.

Proc of the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan, 2018


Biosolids management is related to source of wastewater and sewage collection system, wastewater treatment processes and reclamation for reuse, biosolids treatment processes and proper disposal, integration of biosolids into environment surrounding cities and suburb areas, soil fertilization and plant and crop production, runoff and flooding management and the impact on wastewater quality. A whole-community approach is used to describe the physical infrastructure, the environmental and ecological system, the social systems, and the digital infrastructure related to biosolids management in order to achieve effective and resilient strategy. Advanced digestion for biosolids and biowaste as one of core elements for biosolids management in the whole-community context is elucidated in terms of the water flow, energy flow, nutrient flow, and carbon flow. A case study in Beijing is exemplified to visualize the holistic biosolids management.