Beijing Biosolids Strategy Based on Advanced Digestion and Practice in Xiaohongmen Water Reclamation Plant

Liao, Z., Munoz, K.P., Ge, Y., Sun, J., Zhao, X., Huang, O., Hawthrone, P., Deng, D., Barber, B., Zhang, R., Weng, Y.

Proc of the IWA AD conference, Beijing, China, 2017


In this paper the biosolids strategy in Beijing was described with the comparison with previous status. The shift of biosolids strategy to advanced digesion was in line with the strategic management of wastewater to resources including water reclamation, high quality biosolids to land application, biogas to energy use, and environmental friendly water system, in order to achieve low carbon and recycling goals. Advanced digestion based on thermal hydrolysis pre-treatment, together with high dry solid digestion and dewatering to achieve Class A biosolids for safe various land application. The first advanced digestion project based on CambiTHP® thermal hydrolysis was realised in 2016 in Xiaohongmen Water Reclamation Plant with treatment capacity of 0.6 million m3/d. The first results after advanced digestion was commissioned has already shown good commitment.