CambiTHP advanced anaerobic digestion for upgrading sludge treatment in Xiaohongmen water reclamation plant with two years operational experience

Song, X., Liao, Z., GE, Y., Guo, C., Deng, D., Zhao, X., Chauzy, J.

Proc of the 8th IWA-ASPIRE Conference, HongKong, China, 2019


Among the five projects in Beijing Drainage Group, Xiaohongmen Water Reclamation Plant (XHM-WRP) with sewage treatment design capacity of 600,000 m3/d was the first large-scale project using CambiTHP® for upgrading existing sludge treatment facilities in China. With the sludge treatment design capacity for XHM-WRP was 900t/d (at 20%DS, or 180 tDS/d), together with other four projects (Gaobeidian, Huaifang, Qinghe No. 2, and Gaoantun), XHM-WRP has contributed to achieve the goal for sludge stabilization treatment and safe disposal in Beijing. In this paper, the upgrading of existing sludge digestion facilities in XHM-WRP is summarized.