Full Scale continuous thermal hydrolysis of waste activated Sludge for the Improvement of Sludge Digestion and Sludge Dewatering in WWTP Geiselbullach in Germany

Kopp, J., Kopmann, T., Nilsen, P.J., Holte, H.R., Kleiven, H., Karbo, J.

Proc. of the 15th European Biosolids and Organic Resources Conference, Leeds, UK, 2010


The thermal hydrolysis process (THP) of Cambi AS (Norway), which has been implemented at the WWTP Geiselbullach (250,000 PE) of the Amperverband in Bavaria Germany, is the only full scale process that exists throughout the world for a continuous thermal disintegration of municipal waste activated sludge (WAS) before digestion. The process was implemented with the objective to significantly improve the degree of organic degradation and the dewatering result of the digested sludge dewatering system after the digestion process and thus reduce costs for sludge disposal.